Master The Skills Of Recording, Editing, Mixing, & Mastering Audio Projects

(This includes music, podcasts, audiobooks, live sound, and more...)

Here's what some of our graduates say...

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Watch Video

Crafting Your Sound...

How Audio Engineering Can Be Your

Secret To Success In The Music Industry

& Skyrocket Your Demand and Income

Crafting Your Sound...

How Audio Engineering Can Be Your Launchpad To Success In The Music Industry

& Open Up Diverse Career Opportunities

Discover The Secrets Of Rockstar Audio Engineers Who Work On Music For a Living & Are Always In High Demand


7 Tips For Better Sounding Mixes In 24 Hours

Using Gear You Already Have


Discover The Secrets Of Rockstar Audio Engineers Who Work On Music For a Living & Are Always In High Demand

>> Record, Edit, Mix and Master Like The Pros >>

Even If You Don't Have Any Prior Training Or Experience


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If You're Still On The Fence...

Here's Why You Can't Afford To Waste Another Day Learning From YouTube...

Making better home recordings and becoming more proficient in mixing and mastering is a struggle...

There is a lot of information on YouTube and Google...

But, the amount of information, and conflicting points of view, make the “learning” process frustrating and overwhelming.

Right now is your prime time to obtain the skills that will propel your career in the music industry...

You can't afford to lose valuable time (i.e. years) spinning your wheels trying to piece together random recording and mixing tips from YouTube and Google.

That time can be spent creating new music, collaborating, networking, or making money from your craft...

Learning in a structured environment where you'll get the knowledge, mentorship, experience, training, and a certification in Audio Engineering in a matter of months, is exactly what you need to advance your music career.

It's time to position yourself to be able to work with other professionals in the music business...

It's time to make a name for yourself beyond your current circle.

YouTube has A LOT of information. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad. Some of it just makes you scratch your head.

You're wasting precious time hunched over your computer, searching for "how to...", when you could be launching your music career...

In LDB's Audio Engineering School, You'll Be Trained, Coached, and Mentored By Audio Engineers and Music Producers Who Have Worked On Music Featuring These Legendary Artists...

Post Malone


Chris Brown



Patti LaBelle


PNB Rock (R.I.P.)

When I first started recording music, I was frustrated and confused... 

There was no YouTube or Google...

But, after graduating from college a couple of years earlier, I left my 9-to-5 job as a financial analyst to pursue a career in the music industry.

Specifically, I wanted to be a producer, rapper, and record label owner...

These were the early days of home-based recording studios.

It was 1996...

Tupac and Biggie were at the height of their careers (and lives)...

Music companies, such as No Limit Records, Death Row Records, Bad Boy Records, LaFace Records, and Ruthless Records represented the vast majority of the most popular and influential hip-hop and R&B artists and music of the day...

In that same year, Roc-A-Fella Records was created out of necessity, as Jay-Z had been unable to secure a deal with a major record label.

And, I had a very rudimentary home studio setup.

There was a Yamaha keyboard, a Yamaha MT50 4-track cassette recorder, a Boss DR-5 drum machine, a Radio Shack Realistic stereo mixer, a pair of home stereo speakers, and a microphone.

This was still a few years before computers were the norm in home studios...

So, producing music still happened in real time, without the help of sequencers and other looping technologies...

This meant playing each part (drums, bass, piano, synths, etc.) one at a time for the entire length of the song until everything lined up and sounded good.

My vocals were cut on a microphone that cost less than $50...

And there was no acoustic treatment on the walls or in the corners.

My early recordings were mediocre, at best.

Without knowledge, experience, training, coaching, or mentorship, I couldn't even begin to understand why my music didn't sound like the songs on the radio or by my favorite recording artists...

The Audio Engineering Blueprint Was The Discovery

That I Used To Build A Multiple Six-Figure

Recording Studio and Training Facility.

Here Is How This Revolutionary Training System

Has Changed The Lives Of Our Graduates...

Danny Wunderkind, began our program as a beginner. Initially, he didn’t have a computer, DAW or equipment. However, his belief in his goals was so strong that he used the software and equipment at our studio, once per week, and was relentless in his quest to learn audio engineering.

Slowly but surely, Danny began to grasp the concepts that we taught him. He was highly focused and made sure to complete all of the training assignments.

He ultimately got his own computer and DAW, and within months of starting the program, Danny was invited to New York to participate in an A$AP Mob recording session. He was given the stems and asked to mix the project.

Today, Danny Wunderkind has worked with A$AP Rocky, K$upreme, Producer AR, A$AP Ant, and has mixed a couple of A$AP Twelvvy’s latest releases. He has clients in Philly, New York and LA, and also has projects underway with a couple of other well-known artists that he’ll be announcing soon.

Recently, when asked what was the turning point that has helped him achieve all of his success, Danny simply said, “Samori Coles”. As humbling as that was, we know that it was the blueprint, the secret discovery, that has propelled him and so many others to their fullest potential.

“The Audio Engineering Blueprint changed my life. I went from knowing nothing about audio engineering, to [becoming] so confident in the trade. I am now taking the steps to building my own recording studio and turning it into a business.

Samori’s program made sure that I fully understand the recording process - all the way through mixing and mastering. Thank you Samori for the role you’ve played in helping me create a future for myself, doing what I love.”

- Nik B.

There Are Only 3 Spots Remaining In The Audio Engineering Blueprint...

A 6-Month, In-Studio, Audio Engineering Certification Program

You Won't Find An Audio Engineering Training Experience Like This Anywhere.

Claim Your Spot To Receive...

  • Hands-on training so that you learn by doing, not by listening to lectures

  • An opportunity to learn and use industry-standard software, or focus on your preferred DAW if you've already committed and invested in specific recording software

  • Training in a community with other music creators like you which will immediately broaden your network and increase your collaboration opportunities

  • Optional tuition financing with low payments that can be spread out over 3 years, so that you can focus on becoming a professional audio engineer without any financial burden

  • The accumulation of valuable, studio-ready experience so that you'll be a proficient and competent audio engineer by the time that you get your certification

  • Training, coaching, and mentorship by a Team of audio engineering professionals with more than a century of combined experience, multiple gold and platinum records, and commercial recording studio ownership, who have worked on music with and for major labels and major recording artists

  • The opportunity to record live bands, podcasts, and vocal projects from numerous musical genres, as part of your curriculum and training

  • The ability to periodically work on your own projects throughout the learning experience

  • Training with a small group which will ensure that you're getting the time and attention that you need to learn and grow, regardless of your current level of experience

  • Audio Engineering Certification which will authenticate your completion of this comprehensive and essential training program

  • Professional development and career advisement opportunities in order to help optimize your career potential in the music industry

  • Based on your commitment, dedication, and performance in this program, you'll be given preferential consideration for internship and audio engineering opportunities at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

  • A convenient, evening class schedule that takes into account current work schedules and responsibilities

  • And, so much more...

Why Are The Real Secrets, Tools, And Techniques

That Are Used To Produce "Radio-Quality" Recording & Mixing Results Hidden From You?

After spending hours, days, months, and years trying to figure out the "secret sauce" used on major label recordings to get "that" sound...

I was at my wits' end.

When I could afford it...

I would rent studio time at commercial studios to try to get "that" sound that I was looking for...

Which often turned out to be a total waste of time and money...

Because, even though I would pay hundreds of dollars for studio sessions...

I never felt like I captured the same magic in my performances at other studios that I captured in my home studio.

The reality is that no place feels as comfortable as home.

At the same time, those so-called "professional" audio engineers just weren't delivering the sound that I was going for...

That's when it started to dawn on me that most of them didn't know exactly how to achieve that "radio-quality", major label sound either.

The frustration was overwhelming...

When I shared my music with "professionals" they would often say...

"You're not using EQ. You need to use equalizers."

But, if I knew how and when to use them, I'm sure that I would have.

Or, they would say...

"You're not using compression, are you?"

To that, I thought...

"How and when do I do that?"

I would try to look over the shoulders of more experienced engineers...

But they always seemed annoyed...

And, definitely weren't willing to share what they knew.

The best advice that I could get was...

"Your signal is too hot"...


"Your music's not mastered is it?"...


Believe it or not...

"Digital sounds horrible. You need to record in analog".

And, there was nothing worse than that sense of defeat when...

The mixes sounded alright in the home studio...

But, sounded like hot garbage in the car and in other listening environments.


I was in H.S.P...

Home Studio Purgatory...

That place where 95% of home studio owners and independent music creators live...

Passionate about creating and working on new music...

But, always knowing that my music was "missing something".


One day...

Something happened.

Something clicked.

That's when I knew...

I had made a HUGE discovery!

I uncovered THE BLUEPRINT...

The Audio Engineering School at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

Is A Game Changer

The Transformation Of Our Graduates Is Profound.

Play the videos below to hear more of their success stories...


⚠️ Only 3 Spots Available... ⚠️

((So, if you're interested, click the link below to schedule your

FREE Strategy Session)

Meet Your Instructors

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings' Audio Engineering School is also known as The Audio Engineering Blueprint.

Led by LDB Founder and Program Developer, Samori Coles, the instructional team for The Audio Engineering Blueprint is second to none.

The team has a combined 100+ years of experience, multiple gold and platinum records, Grammy nominations and awards, commercial recording studio ownership, and resumes that include working on projects for the biggest labels and recording artists in the World.

Samori Coles

Samori Coles is the founder and CEO of Lil' Drummaboy Recordings. He began his career as an emcee, music producer, and audio engineer more than 2 decades ago.

Samori has worked on music that has featured Freeway, Sunshine Anderson, and Styles P, to name a few. He has also produced and recorded projects for such brands as Warner Music, Madison Square Garden, NPR, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster.

A voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammys), Samori has taught thousands of music creators across the globe. His students have been nominated for Grammy awards, worked with major label artists, opened their own studios, and been employed by Fortune 100 companies.

Mike Moore

Mike Moore is a music producer, audio engineer, and instructor in LDB's Audio Engineering and Music Production Programs.

With more than a decade of recording and production experience, Mike has worked on projects that have ranged from Hip-Hop to Rock to R&B to Jazz, and more.

A prolific music producer, his work has been placed with numerous artists and media companies. Mike has also worked on radio as a show producer and host.


EVO is a Gold/Platinum music producer, musician, engineer, sound designer, and instructor.

During his 21 years in the music industry, EVO has worked with artists such as Chris Brown, H.E.R, as well as Philly legends AB Liva, Freeway, and SpadeO. EVO has collaborated with producers Hitmaka, Zaytoven, Cardiak, and many more.

Known best for his musically infused urban style, EVO is well-versed in creating Hip Hop and R&B tracks that are timeless. Whatever the record may require, EVO has the ear and talent to design a well crafted sound for any artist he’s working with.

Ali "AMAC" McGuire

Ali “AMAC” McGuire is a Mixing/Recording engineer and Vocal Producer. She has worked with such artists as Joji (receiving a Platinum Record for her work on “BALLADS1”), Murda Beatz, Sophia Reyes, Lizzo, Mozzy, PNB Rock, The Kooks and more.

AMAC got her start in Philadelphia. Her first audio internship was at LDB. She also did live sound at venues all over the city, then moved on to touring with acts like Fetty Wap and Post Malone.

Moving to LA in 2017, Ali started her own studio, and worked with labels such as Atlantic, Warner, GOOD Music, 88 Rising, Hitco and more.

Craig White

Craig White’s career spans over 50 years of working on projects with artists from virtually every genre of music, including 17 years as Chief Engineer for the legendary Producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff at Philadelphia International Records.

He has engineering credits on several GRAMMY nominated and Grammy Award winning projects, and currently has several projects in development under his Sound Doctor Productions umbrella.

He has worked with such legendary acts as Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Kool and The Gang. Craig also served as a Governor and Chapter President for the Philadelphia Chapter of The Recording Academy (The Grammys).

Paul Talos

Paul Talos is a multi-instrumentalist film composer based in Philadelphia. A graduate of LDB's Audio Engineering, Music Production, and Music Business Programs, Paul is the founder and owner of Signal Sound Labs, a film and video game scoring company.

He has worked on a wide range of audio-visual projects over the years, scoring everything from narrative films to episodic series, animation, and commercials. His work has been featured at the New York Independent Film Festival, Venice Shorts, the Prague International Indie Film Festival, and many others.

Almost Instantly I Was Able To Achieve The Sound I Heard In My Head

Once I discovered this secret blueprint, music creation became second nature. Recording and mixing was not only fun, it became simplified...

My mixes became more consistent, and sounded just as good outside of my studio as they did when I listened through my monitors.

EQ and compression started to make sense, and I was using these essential tools to take my mixes to another level...

Each day I was excited to produce and record new music. I started booking more clients in my home studio, and even began teaching my discovery to some of those clients.

It was clear that this blueprint, this system, would not only allow me to produce and record as much of my own music as I desired, it would also enable me to produce and record numerous artists, musicians, and bands in the Philadelphia tri-state region, and beyond...

I would deliver to them a sound that would help propel their music to the next level.

Not only that, I could teach my system to others and help them realize their full potential in their own home studios.

From Jazz to hip-hop, reggae to R&B, Pop to Rock, I began recording some of the most prolific artists, bands and musicians in my area...

Also, the students who learned my system were building their own rosters of clients at their home studios. Some were even getting jobs and internships at commercial studios, live venues, colleges and universities, and Fortune 50 companies.

From a home recording studio making $45 per week with a single client, to a six-figure commercial facility

training scores of home studio engineers and producers, my commercial studio, Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings, has become one of the country’s most effective, student-focused, consistent engineering and music production schools...

And, this is where our journeys - yours and mine - align...

The Audio Engineering Blueprint Is For You...

  • Home studio owners who want to achieve a more professional, radio-ready sound

  • Music producers who want to learn and mix and master their beats like the pros

  • Artists who are tired of relying on other people to record their music

  • Those who want to begin, or improve upon, live sound engineering in churches and/or venues

  • Beginner and intermediate music creators who want to build a solid career in the music industry

  • Folks who are interested in learning a trade and also love music

  • Those who truly want to learn the hows, whats, and whys of audio engineering

  • Anyone who would like to work in a recording studio

  • Independent audio engineers who want to increase their depth of knowledge and true understanding of the craft

  • Podcasters who want to be able to record their own professional-quality podcasts

  • Voice-over artists who would like to be able to record their own high-quality VO work

  • Anyone who records vocals over beats and wants to achieve major label quality

  • Bands and musicians who want to save money by recording themselves, at the same or better quality as many commercial studios

  • 9-to-5 professionals who like to make music and want to learn how to make it sound better

  • Anyone looking for a career change and are interested in the music industry

The Audio Engineering Blueprint Is Not For You...

  • Home studio owners who already know everything there is to know about recording, editing, mixing, and mastering

  • Music producers who already mix and master their own beats to perfection

  • Artists who prefer to spend their hard-earned money booking time at recording studios

  • Beginner and intermediate music creators who don't want to build careers in the music industry

  • Folks who are not interested in learning a trade and don't like music

  • Those who would prefer to get all of their information and training from YouTube

  • Anyone who isn't interested in recording audio projects of any kind (i.e. music, podcasts, audiobooks, live concerts, etc.)

  • Independent audio engineers who would prefer to solely get bits and pieces of random information and guidance from their peers

  • Podcasters who never want to record themselves, and don't want to take control of their own shows

  • Voice-over artists who aren't interested in recording their own work

  • Anyone who records vocals over beats and are 100% happy with the sound they are getting, and know that it couldn't be any better than it is

  • Bands and musicians who never want to record any music and would rather practice every day, and talk about all of their future plans with their bandmates.

  • Live sound engineers who already know all that there is to know, and don't need or want any additional training.

In The Audio Engineering Blueprint, You Will Become A Turbo Charged, Experienced Audio Engineer.

Our 6-Month, Hands-On, Certificate-Based Course, Will Enable You To Discover A Craft And Skillset That No One Can Ever Take Away From You.

Your Training Will Include...

The Secrets To Rocking Your Room Acoustics & Getting The Best Sound In Any Space

What you will learn:

  • How to calculate your room modes so that you will better understand the overall color of your space

  • The difference between the various types of acoustic treatments so that you can choose the

    best option for your space, and not waste time and money in the process

  • The optimal placement for acoustic treatment

    to most effectively control room echo and reflections

  • The inside scoop on the most affordable resources for acoustic treatment

Recording Gear Rules That Every Home Studio Owner Needs To Follow (What You Need, What You Don’t, And What Makes All The Difference)

What you will learn:

  • How to get professional quality results with gear that you already own

  • Which pieces of equipment are essential to taking your sound to the next level

  • Why you don’t need certain pieces of gear

  • If the Mac vs. PC debate is really worth the argument

  • The one piece of gear that can truly be a game-changer

The Very Best Levels To Record Your Vocals At (Spoiler: It’s Not 0 dB)

What you will learn:

  • Why your recording level is the most important factor in the signal flow chain

  • The optimal level to record your vocals

  • Which piece of recording gear has the biggest impact on recording levels

  • Why ignoring recording levels is ruining your recordings

Everything You Need To Know About Equalization (EQ) To Take Your Sound To The Next Level

What you will learn:

  • To better understand frequency, and how it affects your perception of sound

  • The role that equalizers play in achieving radio-quality mixes

  • The essential frequencies that you need to know to get professional quality results

  • How to effectively use an equalizer to become an audio ninja

Understanding One Of The Most Vital Elements Of Recording: Compression

What you will learn:

  • How to use a compressor to your advantage

  • Secret compression recipes that will supercharge your mixes

  • How to use compressors to achieve louder, punchier recordings

  • The essential parameters of compression

Is It Balanced? The Ultimate Lesson In Mixing

What you will learn:

  • Why balance is the core ingredient of audio mixing

  • A little-known mixing technique that will consistently lead to more balanced mixes

  • How to use “references” to produce industry-quality recordings

  • The ultimate tools used for balance

Elevate Your Vocal Sound With Audio Effects And Processing

What you will learn:

  • The audio effects that dominate major label recordings

  • How to use reverb to get the sound that you’ve been looking for

  • Why delay is the one effect that you need to start using now

  • ​How distortion can liven up your vocal recordings

In Addition To The Comprehensive, Transformative Training Listed Above, By Enrolling In The Engineering Blueprint Program At Lil' Drummaboy Recordings, You're Also Going To Learn:


Understanding the concept and application of 'Bussing' is one of the things that separates beginners from professional audio engineers. Essentially, bussing is routing. When applied correctly, there are endless applications that can give an audio engineer more control of their mixes, and a wider variety of sonic textures to employ.


'Sidechaining' is often thought of as a music production tool used to create that famous "pumping" effect that is heard in countless dance records. However, there are numerous ninja sidechaining techniques that can help vocals stand out in a mix, create punch, clarity, and so much more.


Anyone who has listened to popular music in the last 10 years is definitely familiar with the sound of 'Autotune'. This robot-like effect that is often applied to vocals is a staple in modern mixes. Understanding how to properly use autotune can be the difference between a high-quality, industry standard record, or a low-grade, basement sounding demo.


'Mastering' is literally the final phase of the audio production process. It is the icing on the cake. Recordings that are mastered have a balanced frequency spectrum, are louder and punchier, and are able to compete against the sound of major label recordings. As an audio engineer, knowing how to master will add unlimited value to your skillset.


Within 1 month of enrolling in The Audio Engineering Blueprint at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings, you'll start mixing a recording of a live band. You'll know the basics of sound, and understand frequency and the specific EQ settings for each instrument in the recording...

Within 3 months, your comprehension of the fundamental tools and techniques utilized in audio engineering will have significantly expanded. You'll be recording, mixing, and mastering projects at a novice to intermediate level...

At the end of 6 months, when you graduate, you'll be a certified audio engineer with more than 200 hours of experience, training, and practical application in intermediate- to advanced-level audio engineering. You'll be proficient in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering professional audio projects.


Only 3 Spots Available...

(And, they're going fast...)

The Audio Engineering Blueprint is simply one-of-a-kind.

Our system for training audio engineers is the most effective program of its kind.

The program is loaded with all of the skills, techniques, tools, and coaching that are required to adequately prepare our students for careers and/or industry-level proficiency in audio engineering.


In Addition...

By applying today, and being 1 of a handful of students that we're currently accepting, you'll qualify for our "SuperSonic" discount.

It's the type of discount that other schools couldn't match, even if they wanted to.

Details Below...

The price range of Audio Engineering Schools is between $14,000 and $84,000, with an average cost $19,870.

But, that is not what we're going to charge you.


Because, while our program provides more value than most audio recording schools, we don't carry the bloat, fluff, and overhead that other schools carry.

In other words, our training is a 100% pure education in Audio Engineering.

There are no ridiculous "prerequisite" classes that you have to take in order to learn what you really want to learn.

We also don't have a bunch of administrators or overpaid professors that don't add value to your education...

At some schools, your tuition dollars actually pay their salaries.

Most importantly, Lil' Drummaboy Recordings is headquartered in Philadelphia...

We're not one of those schools that's headquartered 2000 miles away, with a bunch of executive offices and "management-types"...

Guess who pays for all of that?

That's right, the students do...

It's all baked into their overpriced tuition costs.

Not only is our tuition breathtakingly affordable...

All of our students who successfully complete the program at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings with above average performance* are given the chance to work as interns or employees in our professional recording studio.

No other program will guarantee this...

But, the reason that we can do this is because of our sincere and earnest commitment to adequately preparing you for the pace, rigor, and high-quality standard of commercial recording studios.

Many of our graduates opt to start or expand their own home or commercial recording studios.

With our "SuperSonic" discount, a lot of those students are able to see a return on their investment in less than one year.

We don't believe that you should have to struggle or absorb a heavy debt burden after you've invested your time and money in Recording School.

Our mission is to completely transform your knowledge, skills, and career in the music industry without charging you an arm and a leg.

* As measured by our program benchmarks


The Audio Engineering Blueprint, an in-person Audio Engineering School at Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

(Total Value: $18,800)


The Platinum Hearing System

(Total Value: $2,997)

The Platinum Hearing System is an ear training method that will increase your hearing sensitivity. It will sharpen your ability to dissect the elements and mixing techniques used in your favorite songs. You'll never listen to music the same.

Bi-Weekly One-On-One, 30-Minute, Coaching Sessions With Program Founder, Samori Coles

(Total Value: $1,800)

Career Advisement and Guidance

(Total Value: $997)

Music Industry Resume Development

(Total Value: $499)

The Complete Audio Engineering Blueprint Digital Course

(Total Value: $1,997)

Complement your in-studio training with the online, on-demand version of The Audio Engineering Blueprint. Lifetime access of this blockbuster digital course will ensure that you always have the knowledge, information and guidance of the program whenever you need it.

* The Platinum Hearing System, Bi-Weekly Coaching, Career Advisement, and Resume Development will be added on as elements of the in-studio training. The Audio Engineering Blueprint Digital Course will be available within 24 hours of enrollment.

The Total Offer Value Of The Audio Engineering Blueprint

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings' In-Person, Audio Engineering School

(Including The Program Add-On Bonuses)






Only 3 Spots Available...

(And, they're going fast...)

Customer Testimonials

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings | 818 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147


based on 191 reviews

Customer Testimonials

Lil' Drummaboy Recordings

818 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147


based on 191 reviews

Felicia Ricci

(Recording Artist, Renowned Voice Coach)

“Working with Samori was instrumental to my developing my confidence as a producer and artist.  I’m glad I met [him] when I did. I feel empowered now to be truly be creative.”

John Morrison

(Professional DJ and Writer)

“Working with Samori and Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings was hands down one of the most influential experiences in my creative life. In addition to the growth in the music I make, I learned so much about the business and deepened my relationship to the music community around me.”

When You Really Think About It,

In Life, There Are Only 3 Options...

Go Backwards

If you choose to do nothing and continue doing the same things that you're currently doing, expecting a different outcome, you risk going backwards in your music career.

Stagnation leads to de-motivation and frustration. If you fail to act on one-of-a-kind opportunities like The Audio Engineering Blueprint, you might find yourself in a rut.

Years from now, you'll ask yourself, "why didn't I take advantage of the opportunity to learn this craft the right way?"

There's nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted time and energy for nothing.

Stay The Same

By choosing not to act now, you might also find yourself constantly treading on the hamster wheel, but never making significant improvement in your recording, mixing, and mastering skills.

You'll continue to have the same struggles and challenges, spinning in circles and getting nowhere.

There is no worse feeling than perpetual frustration. Inconsistent recordings and lacking an understanding of the craft will make it virtually impossible to advance.


If you choose to invest in yourself, and enroll in The Audio Engineering Blueprint, you're making a solid commitment to your music career.

You'll start to see progress within weeks, and you'll begin to have more control over the sound of your recording projects.

You'll gain the mentorship, training, knowledge and skills that are required to mix and master audio projects at a professional level.

You'll feel empowered to continue to pursue your passions and make your dreams a reality. You'll have a valuable skill that will remain with you for life.

When You Really Think About It,

In Life, There Are Only 3 Options...

Go Backwards

If you choose to do nothing and continue doing the same things that you're currently doing, expecting a different outcome, you risk going backwards in your music career.

Stagnation leads to de-motivation and frustration. If you fail to act on one-of-a-kind opportunities like The Audio Engineering Blueprint, you might find yourself in a rut.

Years from now, you'll ask yourself, "why didn't I take advantage of the opportunity to learn this craft the right way?"

There's nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted time and energy for nothing.

Stay The Same

By choosing not to act now, you might also find yourself constantly treading on the hamster wheel, but never making significant improvement in your recording, mixing, and mastering skills.

You'll continue to have the same struggles and challenges, spinning in circles and getting nowhere.

There is no worse feeling than perpetual frustration. Inconsistent recordings and lacking an understanding of the craft will make it virtually impossible to advance.


If you choose to invest in yourself, and enroll in The Audio Engineering Blueprint, you're making a solid commitment to your music career.

You'll start to see progress within weeks, and you'll begin to have more control over the sound of your recording projects.

You'll gain the mentorship, training, knowledge and skills that are required to mix and master audio projects at a professional level.

You'll feel empowered to continue to pursue your passions and make your dreams a reality. You'll have a valuable skill that will remain with you for life.


Only 3 Spots Available...

(And, they're going fast...)

About Samori Coles

Samori Coles is an audio engineer, music producer, instructor, and music-based entrepreneur. 

In the fall of 1997, he left his day job as a Senior Financial Analyst at a Fortune 100 company and boarded a Greyhound bus in his hometown (Omaha, Nebraska), in pursuit of a career in the music industry.

Unsure where the journey would take him, Samori knew that he was passionate about making music and spending his time concentrating on his dreams; which were succeeding in the music industry and starting his own business.

After what seemed like a never-ending Greyhound bus ride, he ultimately found his way to Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) where he started out producing and recording his own music, as well as the music of others, out of an apartment in the Germantown section of the city.

While there were many ups and downs, successes and failures, achievements and disappointments; eventually the road less travelled led to breakthroughs that have allowed Samori to build one of Philadelphia’s most renowned music recording studios and production training facilities, Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings.

What is unique about the man that many of his students affectionately call “Sensei”, is that while he is an accomplished audio engineer and music producer who is a voting member of The Recording Academy (The Grammys); Samori has remained committed to teaching, coaching and mentoring students of all ages who desire to learn the crafts of audio engineering, music production and/or the music business. To date, he has shared his knowledge, wisdom, and insight to thousands of students across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do Classes Start?

The next cohort will begin soon. Add your name to the 'Waitlist' by clicking the green button that can be found by scrolling up this page.

Do I have To Have Experience To Enroll In The Program?

Not all. Some of our students are absolute beginners. These students tend to do very well in our program because they haven’t picked up a lot of bad audio engineering habits.

Is There An Age Requirement?

The majority of our students are adult learners (18+). However, we have trained younger students, as well. Any student who is younger than 18 years of age will have to be enrolled by a parent or legal guardian.

What Software Will I Be Learning?

In today’s music industry, there are a number of popular software programs that our students like to use. Our core training is the craft of Audio Engineering, which is the same regardless of the software program used. We will also provide demonstrations and training in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio. Some of our instructors are also proficient in Ableton Live, Studio One, and Cubase.

It is best to focus on one software program. We understand that students entering our program will most likely have already invested in software. That is why we make sure that we are able to offer training in a number of different platforms.


What Equipment Do I Need To Start The Program?

You don’t need any equipment to start the program. In the first class, we will make recommendations as to the equipment that would be beneficial for your progress and development. The primary equipment that we recommend are a computer, D.A.W. (i.e. recording software), audio interface, microphone, studio monitors and/or headphones.

What If I Miss A Class? Are There Make-Up Classes?

You’ll want to maintain an excellent attendance record. That is the best way to ensure the stellar results that have realized by our past graduates. However, if you have to miss a class due to work, schedule conflict, illness, etc., the content will be available online (unless it’s an in-studio project or recording). There won’t be any make-up classes, but you’ll definitely be able to stay caught up on the core curriculum.

Will I Be Able To Work On My Own Music?

Yes, there will be numerous opportunities to work on your own music and collaborate with your classmates.

Will This Program Allow Me To Get A Job In The Music Industry?

Those students who maintain above average performance in the program, based on certain benchmarks that we rate students on, will have the opportunity to intern or work at our commercial recording studio.  

The music industry is extremely competitive. We believe in our program so much that we know that you’ll be prepared when you graduate.  

In addition, you’ll be provided with general career advisement and resume development. If your desire is to work for other studios or companies in the music industry, you’ll have the general requirements to submit your resume and represent yourself professionally.  

There are no guarantees that other companies will be hiring or will hire you. But, you’ll be 10x more experienced, trained and prepared than you are today.

Do You Offer Student Financing?

Yes. We do offer our own unique financing option. This allows you to set up monthly installments for the program.

Once you’ve completed your free strategy session, you’ll be able to learn more about our zero-interest financing option that does not require a credit check.

What Type Of Experience Or Qualifications Do The Instructors Have?

Our instructors and coaches have a combined experience of more than 100 years in audio engineering and music production. They have numerous gold and platinum records, grammy nominations, and credits for working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, included H.E.R, Lizzo, Post Malone, Freeway, Patti LaBelle, Chris Brown, Celine Dion, and so many more.

How Is Your School Different From Other Schools?

Our founder, Samori Coles, began his career more than 25 years ago as an independent artist and music producer. He built Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings to provide other independents with the training, guidance, and mentorship that he wishes he had all those years ago.  

We understand you like no other school does. We know exactly what you need to accomplish your goals.  

There is no fluff with us. You will get hands-on, real-world experience, focus, attention, and training that will significantly develop your proficiency and skills as an audio engineer. We can guarantee this because we have been training music creators just like you for more than 20 years.  

Our school was founded and is headquartered in Philadelphia. The instructors listed above are actually the ones that will be working with you at various phases in the program.

Why Does Your School Cost So Much Less Than Other Schools?

The actual value of our core program is $18,800. When including the bonuses and add-ons, the value increases to $27,090.

However, by taking advantage of our current offer, you'll be able to enroll in the program at a fraction of the cost.

This offer will not last long. Click the button on the page to 'Apply'. You'll then be taken to a calendar to schedule a free strategy session to get further details.

How Long Will The “SuperSonic” Discount Last?

The “SuperSonic” discount is a limited time offer. There is no guarantee that it will be available for future class enrollments.

Will I Learn How To Make Beats In This Program?

No. The Audio Engineering Blueprint focuses on the craft of audio engineering. You will be trained to record, edit, mix, and master music and audio projects at a professional level.  

Audio Engineers are the folks in the studio that handle the recording process. They make sure that the projects that they engineer have that major-label quality that is competitive with the music of other artists in the industry.

If you want to learn how to make beats, you can check out our Music Production Program.

What Is Audio Engineering?

Audio Engineering is the process of recording, editing, mixing, and/or mastering audio projects.  

Audio Engineers work in the music industry, film industry, radio, TV, podcasts, live sound, audio/visual departments in colleges and companies, etc. They are sonic anchors that ensure that any of the sound involved in any of these industries is of the highest quality.  

While many of our students have a desire to either work in the music industry or achieve better sounding recordings in their home studios, there are many career options for audio engineers.  

Audio Engineering is a trade similar to plumbing, audio mechanics, carpentry, etc. It’s a specific skillset that offers unique opportunities that many aspiring music creators aren’t aware of.

Is This An Online Or In-Person Program?

The Audio Engineering Blueprint takes place in-studio at Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings. We are located on one of the most artistically and culturally rich epicenters in Philadelphia history - South Street.  

Our address is:  

Lil’ Drummaboy Recordings

818 South Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147

Will I Get A Certificate When I Complete The Program?

Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion when you graduate from our Audio Engineering School.

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